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Ms Atkins

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Classes Taught: 
English 9 Regular and Inclusion


My name is Mrs. Kristen Hughes and I have been teaching ninth grade English for fourteen years!  After fourteen years of teaching, I still truly love my job!  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child during the year, feel free to contact me anytime.  I am happy to work as a team and communicate with parents and guardians, in order to improve a student's success in the class. 


A few common questions:

1.  What will my child be reading this year?  We will be reading a variety of short stories and non-fiction essays.  There is a chance we may do a novel, but that has not yet been decided.

2.  What amount of homework with my child have?  For this course, none.  I do not assign homework.  However, if your child is working dilligently to get his or her work done in class and is not able to finish, he or she is welcome to take it home to finish it anytime. 

3.  Is late work accepted?  Yes.  For each day a child chooses to turn an assignment in late, he or she gives up 10% of his or her grade.  Late work is not accepted after 5 school days.

4.  Is extra credit offered?  Extra credit is offered on the spot.  It is not offered in lump sums at the end of a nine weeks in order to bring a grade up.  Students will need to take advantage of extra credit when it is offered occasionally in class.

5.  Will my child be doing a lot of writing?  Yes!  Your child will master the five paragraph expository and persuasive essay this year.  Writing is a process, which will be worked through systematically and slowly through the year, improving regularly.

6.  If my child is abset, what do we do?  The school policy is that the child will need to bring in a parental or medical note (further instructions are in the student handbook in the agenda).  The student will need to see me to get his or her make up work.  The school policy on how many days are allowed to make up work is also in the agenda. 

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