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Mrs. Shelton

Classes Taught: 
English 12, Creative Writing

"The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you." -B.B. King 


ENGLISH 12: Please click the link below for each week at a glance.



1st Nine Weeks:

WEEK ONE: History of Anglo Saxons followed by Open Book Test

                      Reading: Beowulf: Battle with Grendel

                       Completed Circle Map for HERO & Bubble Map for Grendel


WEEK TWO:  Reflecting on Beowulf: Battle with Grendel,       


                        Double Bubble Map to compare with other literature

                        Figurative Language & Simple Sentences

                        QUIZ Friday on the info above.

                        Reading: The Battle with Grendel's Mother

                        More About Beowulf:


Monday: Alliteration and kennings in Old English & Beowulf translations.

Kennings in Beowulf: Light-of-Battle =sword,  fighting- gear, battle-gear =body armor

Tuesday & Wednesday: Reading & Responding to Beowulf: The Final Battle

Thursday: Reviewing Anglo Saxon period, Beowulf's battles & the vocab and figurative language from Beowulf. Will take Test on the information tomorrow.

Friday: TEST


This week we will wrap up the Anglo-Saxon period.

MONDAY & TUESDAY, we will read and analyze the Anglo-Saxon poem "The Seafarer" including the identification of kennings, alliteration & imagery. 

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY: We will discuss & read an Arabian Night's tale from the Anglo-Saxon period.

FRIDAY:  QUIZ on the week's readings & literary devices. 


Monday: An overview of Middle Ages, Chaucer, and the Canterbury Tales is presented via a powerpoint presentation. The students will complete a handout of the notes.

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday: Students are in the computer lab gathering information on their Canterbury Tales' character for an essay that is due Friday. The students will also be reading their character's tale and creating a powerpoint to summarize the tale. The powerpoint is due Monday and will be presented to the class.

Thursday: The students will work in the classroom on their character essay.  


Monday & Tuesday: The students present their Canterbury Tales' powerpoints.

Wednesday: Wrap up Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Thursday: Reading Pre-Assessment     Senior Breakfast

Friday: Discuss & create visual for Canterbury Tales  - ACHS PEP RALLY!


Monday: Introduction to Ballads

Tuesday: Middle Ages ballad - "Lord Randal"

Wednesday: Middle Ages ballad - "Get Up & Shut the Door"

Thursday: ballad - "The Old '97"

Friday: QUIZ - Ballads --- SCHOOL CLOSED Weather --- Quiz on Monday.


Monday: Quick Review & then QUIZ on Ballads

Tuesday: Works Cited- citing sources

Wednesday: Close reading of "The Seafarer"

Thursday & Friday: Beowulf movie & essay

*NEXT WEDNESDAY - Nine Weeks Test


Monday & Tuesday: Beowulf essay due Monday. A Closer look at Beowulf passages; Review for Nine Weeks Test

Wednesday 9/14: Nine Weeks Test

Thursday & Friday: Comparing & Contrasting the British literature of the Anglo-Saxon & Middle Ages including themes and cultures of the time periods.


WEEK ONE: Four Parts & 6 Tools

WEEK TWO: Focus & Writing Rituals

WEEK THREE: Reading to Write, Types of Writing

WEEK FOUR: Reading short published works to view, discuss, & incorporate their good writing techniques. 

WEEK FIVE: Writing Fiction: the "must haves" & How To Develop Characters

WEEK SIX: Reading to Write: Syntax, Dialect

WEEK SEVEN: Writing Nonfiction

WEEK EIGHT: Writing Poetry

WEEK NINE: Free Write, Share Favorite Writing(s) with classmates 

English 12 & Creative Writing SUPPLY LIST:

1" Binder (binder will often be left in the classroom) It cannot be used for any other subjects.

Blue or Black Ink Pens (2)                      Yellow Highlighter                        Scissors & Glue Stick

Zipper pouch to keep pens, scissors & other materials inside

*English 12 Only: one pack of Dividers                                                       Optional: Tissues & GermX for classroom use

Thank you! The students will set up their binders on Tuesday, August 18th

A link for the syllabus is at the bottom of the page :)

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