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Mrs. Jamie Tucker

434-528-6499 ext 30829
Classes Taught: 
Spanish III


Spanish 3 Assignments (September 14th-18th)

Monday: Para Empezar Chapter Test

Tuesday: Speaking Portion of Chapter Test

               Prep 1A Vocab List

               HW Prep 1A Vocab Puzzle

Wednesday: Go over Vocab List and HW PUzzle for Prep 1A

                    Complete WS 9 (translations for Prep 1A Vocab)

Thursday: Complete Crossword for Prep 1A Vocab

                 Quiz Prep 1A Vocab (matching)

                 Notes "El Pretérito" Review (Past Tense)

Friday: Finish notes

           Complete WS 10 (using el pretérito)

QUIZ Monday 9/21 El Pretérito



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