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 Ideally, the “three year” DRAFTING program is for those students who have an interest Engineering or Architecture, However, it also provides a background for those students who plan to follow construction or manufacturing careers since those students will need a blueprint reading background. Students are expected to download the free CAD software to load on their home computers.




Prerequisite:           Sophomore with an interest in Engineering & Architectural careers

1 credit--1 period   (yearlong class) 


This is an introduction to the DRAFTIING program.  Students will be exposed to basic Manual Drafting as well as Computer Aided Drafting as it relates to Engineering and Architectural Drafting along with blueprint reading.  This introductory first year is a prerequisite for DRAFTING II and III.  






Prerequisite:           Successful completion of DRAFTING I 

2 credits--2 periods    (yearlong class)                 


DRAFTING II is a yearlong occupational preparation course for students interested in a computer aided drafting career as well as students interested in continuing their education after high school in the areas of Architecture or Engineering.  Students will be exposed to the basics of drafting procedures using manual board drafting practices by hand as well as AutoCAD software and will have access to loading that software (free of charge) onto their home computers.  The emphasis in DRAFTING II will be on engineering drafting.  Students will prepare drawings of machine parts such as those found in local industries.  These drawings will include two dimensional and three dimensional views with dimensions, animations, and instructions from which the parts can be manufactured. Students will also have the capability of using 3D modeling technology to actually produce plastic models of parts they design.




DRAFTING  III / CVCC           Dual Enrollment   (3 credits)

Prerequisite:          Successful completion of “both” DRAFTING I & II

2 credits-2 periods      (yearlong class)   



DRAFTING III is a yearlong occupational preparation course which will allow students to advance their CAD training.  The emphasis in DRAFTING III will be on Architectural Drafting as it relates to light residential construction.  Students will be trained to draw a complete set of house plans which would include floor plans, elevations, wall sections, and details from which a contractor can build.  Successful completion of the THREE year program will allow the student to articulate into the Engineering Technology Program at Central Virginia Community College and receive three semester hours of Dual Enrollment college credit. Students completing the THREE YEAR program will be required to take an “industry approved” end of year test.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Revised    8-1-2014    JB

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