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Ms Cyndi Kelley

434-528-6499 ext
Classes Taught: 
Advanced Composition/ CVCC ENG 111-112, AP Literature and Composition, English 12

CVCC English 112:

Read in the Blue Remix Book: pgs  627 – 363

Answer discussion questions: #1, 3 pg 629

#1,2,3 pg. 633

#1,2 pg.636



AP Literature:

Answer questions in pairs or trios for discussion tomorrow:

Questions attached below.



English 12:

Read in textbook pages 527 – 533

  • The Industrial Revolution Finds a Foothold
  • The Rebellion of Romantic Poets
  • What does Romantic Mean?
  • A New Kind of Poetry
  • The Mystery of Imagination
  • The Romantic Poet

Answer the questions on the attachment below "The Romantics"


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