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French I, French II, French III

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Français I

Français II

Français III

French I Syllabus (2016-2017)

French II Syllabus (2016-2017)

French III Syllabus (2016-2017)

Week of January 16-January 20, 2017

Students will learn to talk about their family and home.  They will learn vocabulary associated with family members and housing.  They will learn to use the verb avoir to describe what kind of family and house they have.  They will also learn possessive adjectives and some irregular adjectives.


Homework-Tuesday-Study for a quiz on the verb avoir


Asssessment-Wednesday-Complete quiz on the verb avoir.

Week of January 16-January 20, 2017

Students will learn to discuss and describe winter and summer sports and the needed clothing and equipment.

Homework -Tuesday-Study for a quiz on irregular past participles.



Assessment-Wednesday-Complete quiz on irregular past participles.







Week of January 16--January 20. 2017

Students will learn to communicate with postal and bank clerks, write letters, address an envelop in French, exchange money, and carry out simple banking transactions.  Structure poiunts presented are the pronouns qui and que, the agreement of the past participles, reciprocal actions, and  negative statements.


Homework- Thursday-Study for a vocabulary quiz on Mots 1, pages 142-143..

Assessment-Friday-Complete vocabulary quiz on Mots 1.






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