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French I, French II, French III

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Français I

Français II

Français III

French I Syllabus (2016-2017)

French II Syllabus (2016-2017)

French III Syllabus (2016-2017)

Week of November 14-November 18, 2016

Students will learn to talk about their school and afterschool activities.  They will also learn to identify, describe, and shop for school supplies.  They will learn to use singular forms of -er verbs to communicate in various situations that arise when shopping.


Homework-Tuesday-Study for quiz on conjugation of -er verbs.

Homework-Thursday-Study for vocabulary quiz on Mots 1, pp. 82-83.


Asssessment-Wednesday-Complete quiz on conjugation of -er verbs.

Assessment -Friday-Complete Quiz on Mots 1.

Week of November 14-November 18, 2016

Students will learn to discuss and describe sports and other physical activities.  They will learn basic vocabulary related to soccer, basketball, volleyball, cycling, and running.  They will also learn the passe compose of regular verbs, review question words and learn the present tense of the verbs boire, devoir, and recevoir.

Homework -Monday-Study for a quiz on boire, devoir and recevoir.

Homework-Thursday-Study for a quiz on Mots 2, pp.323-324.


Assessment-Tuesday-Complete quiz on boire, devoir, and recevoir.

Assessment-Friday-Complete quiz on Mots 2.




Assessment-Wednesday-Complete Quiz on demonstrative adjectives.



Week of October 31-Nov. 4 2016

Students will learn to talk about computers, e-mail, and the internet. Students will also learn the formation and uses of the imperfect tenses.


Homework- Tuesday-Complete Activity on verbs in the imperfect tense.

Homework-Thursday-Study for a quiz on Lectures Culturelles on pages 84-85.


Assessment-Friday-Quiz on Lectures Culturelles.


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