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French I, French II, French III

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Français I

Français II

Français III

French I Syllabus (2017-2018)

French II Syllabus (2017-2018)

French III Syllabus (2017-2018)

            Week of December 11-Dec 15, 2017

Students will learn to talk about their school and afterschool activities,  They will also learn to identify, describe, and shop for school supplies.  They will learn to use singular forms of-er verbs to communicate in various situations that arise when shopping.  They will also learn to express likes and dislike.


Homework-Study for 9Wks Assessment




Asssessment-Wednesday-9Wks Assessment

     Week of Dec. 11-- Dec. 15, 2017

Students will learn to discuss and describe sports and other physical activities.  To do this, they will learn basic vocabulary related to soccer, basketball, volleyball, cycling, and running.  They will also learn the passe compose of regular verbs, review question words, and learn the present tense of the verbs boire, devoir, and recevoir. 

Homework-Study for 9Wks Assessment

Assessment-Wednesday-9Wks Asssessment

         Week of Dec. 11-Dec. 15, 2017

Students will learn to talk about train and plane travel.  They will distinguish between local and long-distance trains, modern and old-fashioned trains, services on trains and planes, and boarding and disembarking from planes.  They will learn the difference between the imperfect and the passe compose.  They will learn the verb venir and the prepositions used with geographic names.


Homework-Study for 9Wks Assessment


Assessment-Wednesday- 9Wks Assessment







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