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French I, French II, French III

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Français I

Français II

Français III

French I Syllabus (2016-2017)

French II Syllabus (2016-2017)

French III Syllabus (2016-2017)

Week of September 26-September 30, 2016

Students will learn to describe people and things, using the plural forms of articles, adjectives, and the verb etre.  New descriptive adjectives and school-related terms are presented.

Homework-Monday -Complete Vocabulary Activity, Ch. 2


Homework-Tuesday-Study for quiz on definite articles.

Homework-Thursday-Study for a Quiz on Mots 1, pages 48-49.



Assessment- Wednesday- Complete quiz on definite articles.

Assessment-- Friday-Complete quiz on Mots 1.

Week of September 26-September 30, 2016

Students will learn to communicate when traveling by train in a French-speaking country.  They will learn vocabulary related to the train station and train travel.  They will learn the present tense of-re verbs, the demonstrative adjectives, and the verbs dire, ecrire, and lire.

Homework -Tuesday- Study for a Quiz on the conjugation of-re verbs.

Homework-Thursday- Study for a quiz on Mots 1.



Assessment-Wednesday-- Complete quiz on -re verbs.

Assessment-Friday- Complete Quiz on Mots 1.


Week of September 26-September 30, 2016

Students will learn to talk about computers, e-mail, and the internet. Students will also learn the formation and uses of the imperfect tenses.

Homework-Monday-Complete activity on the conjugation of verbs with etre.

Homework-Tuesday-Study for a quiz on the passe compose of verbs with etre




Assessment-Wednesday- Complete quiz on the passe compose of verbs with etre.


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