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Services & Goals



 Academic - assists students and their parents to acquire knowledge of the curricula choices available to students, to plan a program of studies, to arrange and interpret academic testing, and to seek post-secondary academic opportunities;

o   Program of Studies

o   SAT Calendars and Registration

o   ACT Calendars and Registration

o   What’s the Difference between SAT and ACT

o   College Survival Vocabulary

o   Finding a College

o   The College Application Process

§  Connecting the Dots

§  36 Common Mistakes 

o   Scholarships

§  Fastweb

§  College Board


§  U.S. Department of Labor







 Career- which helps students to acquire information and plan action about work, jobs, apprenticeships, and post-secondary educational, and career opportunities;

o   Getting Started

o   Career Assessment

o   Career Exploration

o   Senior Information Sheet

o   Resumes and Applications

o   Applying for Jobs





Personal/Social - which assists students to develop an understanding of themselves, the rights and needs of others, how to resolve conflict and to define individual goals, reflecting their interests, abilities and aptitudes.

o   Social Media Safety

o   Newsletter

o   Test Prep

§  SAT

§  ACT



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