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TAG(Talented and Gifted)

What are past participants of the Summer Residential Governor’s School saying?
Summer Governor's School was a life-altering experience. I learned more about myself, my life, and my future, and got to hang out with some really smart people. Summer Gov School really opened my eyes to a world of new experiences and ideas, and gave me a drive to succeed even more. It literally is a once in lifetime deal, and I would highly recommend applying. There is no other summer like it anywhere else.
                       - Taylor Zabloski-
the best month of your life”
“learn subjects you love with people who share    your passion”
“get an early glimpse of the college experience”
“the best parts of learning times a thousand
without all the bad or boring”
“an experience you’ll never forget”
-Travis Dean-
All current 10th and 11th grade TAG students will receive information in the Fall. 
Competition sheets will be sent home during December.  If interested, please complete and return to envelope outside Mrs. McCrea's office in guidance.  Every point counts!!
Contacts at ACHS:  Ms. Schupp- Enrichment Specialist- eschupp@amherst.k12.va.us
                              Mrs. Curd- guidance- hcurd@amherst.k12.va.us
                              Ms. Kelley-Wilkins- ckelleywilkins@amherst.k12.va.us