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French III
Amherst County High School
Syllabus 2016-2017
Mrs. Miller
Bienvenue au Cours de Français!
Students will continue their journey of communicating and expressing themselves in French. Students will speak and write in French, explore the culture and traditions of French-speaking countries, and grow in their knowledge and understanding of French. We will be learning and using more complex structures to describe activities and events in the past, present, and future tenses.
Grading Policy:
·         10% - Speaking (in French!)
o   You will be given a speaking objective stamp sheet for each unit or chapter. Each square on the sheet is noted with a different speaking goal for that unit. When you perform a task that accomplishes a goal on the sheet you will receive a stamp. The value of each stamp may vary from chapter to chapter, but students must complete all goals to receive 100% for participation.
·         10% - Homework
o   This includes vocabulary/grammar worksheets, flash cards, short writing assignments, and bringing in authentic French written materials (such as product labels or Internet articles.) Homework is assigned 2-3 nights a week, but I highly recommend taking 15 minutes each night to review notes.
·         15% - Class work
o   This includes daily warm-ups, vocabulary/grammar practice activities, skits/conversations, reading/listening activities, dictées, etc.
·         20% - Quizzes
o   Expect at least two quizzes each week, and be aware that I love
            pop quizzes! Quizzes may be written or oral.
·         30% - Tests and projects
o   Tests: Expect at least two unit tests each grading period.
o   Projects: There will be at least one major project each grading period.
            These usually involve researching some aspect of French culture   (such as cooking or poetry) and giving a presentation pulling       together knowledge of grammar and vocabulary learned that      grading period.  Projects are an opportunity for you to show me
            what you can do with what you have learned!
·         15% - Summative Nine Week Assessment
o   This test will only cover the material learned that grading period. It will include both multiple choice and written answer sections.
Required Materials
You are expected to bring the following materials to class every day:
1.      One 3-ring binder with 5 dividers - to maintain warm-ups, vocabulary lists, notes, worksheets and quizzes.
2.      Paper and pen/pencil



1.      Be on time and prepared for class. That means to bring everything you will need and have homework and warm-ups out and ready when the bell rings.

2.      Be respectful of classmates, the teacher, and yourself.

3.      Participate in French! 80% of class will be conducted in French. Listen carefully to each other and make every attempt to express yourself. You won’t learn if you don’t try!

4.      School-wide rules and consequences apply.


Absences/Make-up Work

·         I will place make-up assignments and handouts from class in a folder in the crate found at the front or back of the classroom. If you are absent, check the folder for what you missed before asking me.

·         Assignments must be made up within one week of an absence.


Late Work

Assignments may be turned in late for half credit (no more than 50%).


Online Translators

Online translators, such as Google Translate, can be great tools for a quick reference or verification. However, they are not to be used on graded assignments for anything other than that: a quick reference or verification. Any other use is considered cheating. They are not as reliable as you might think, they don't always give you enough information (such as part of speech, gender, etc.) and using them is taking the easy way out without learning anything. is much more reliable and acceptable for learners of a language.


Contact Information


Voicemail: 434-946-2898 ext. 30805


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