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Classes Taught: 
Biology II: Anatomy and Physiology, and Bio II: Ecology


Period 1


Period 2 Anatomy & Physiolgy
Period 3 A & P
Period 4 Ecology
Period 5 Ecology
Period 6 Duty
Period 7 A & P







The weekly class schedules are subject to change depending upon student comprehension of presented subjects, time constraints,school delays or closing.

Proposed schedule for the week of Sept 28, 2015

Anatomy & Physiology:  Chapter 3:  Cell Structure & Function – Objectives: 

3.1 Cellular Organization – Know the 3 main parts of a human cell.   Describe the structure & function cell structures

3.2 Crossing the Plasma Membrane – Understand how substances move back & forth across the plasma membrane.  Know the differences between active & passive transport

3.3 The Cell Cycle – Explain the cell cycle phases.  Know the difference between mitosis & meiosis , & the function of each.

Online text book access:


Show Evolve “Shape” video – demonstrates basic tenet of anatomy vs physiology – students write 10 facts explaining the different types of shapes to form on Earth


Discuss Monday video – students to understand that “structure/shape does determine function/use”

Show Evolve “Skin” video – students write down 5 examples demonstrating how the “skin” on various species determined where they lived and how they survived


Finish “Skin” video – class discussion on how structure does determine function, i.e. how different “skins” determine movement, protection, use, etc.


Reports on Genetic Diseases – finish up

Discuss similarities and differences between various genetic diseases including symptoms, life expectancy, treatment options


Review Ch 1 test

Read Ch 3.1 summary – start 3.1 PP with notes


Ecology:  Chapter 4: The Organization of Life – Objectives:

 Sec 1 Ecosystems: Everything is Connected – Understand the differences between biotic & abiotic factors.  Know how a population differs from a species.   Explain why habitats are important.

Sec 2 Evolution – Explain the concepts of natural selection & adaptation.

Sec 3 The Diversity of Living Things – List the 6 kingdoms of organisms.  Describe 2 characteristics of each.

Online text book access:



Show Planet Earth “Great Plains” video – students write 10 examples illustrating the diversity of life of that ecosystem


Discuss Monday video and the diversity of that ecosystem

Watch “Jungles” video – students compare the 2 ecosystems (Great Plains & Jungles”) – give 5 examples of how the 2 ecosystems compare or are similar

Ch 4 vocab (20 words) – due


Finish “Jungles” video

Class discussion of ecosystem similarities, including specific examples from plains and jungles

Student understanding of general ecosystem similarities and then how they differ from each other


Finish Invasive Species oral reports

Review Ch 2 Test


Read Ch 4 summary – brief discussion of each section

Ch 4 sec 1 PP with notes


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