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Ms Nelson

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Classes Taught: 
Biology II: Anatomy and Physiology, and Bio II: Ecology
Period 1 Lancer Academy
Period 2 Bio II:  Anatomy & Physiology
Period 3 Bio II:  Anatomy & Physiology
Period 4 Bio II:  Ecology
Period 5 Bio II:  Ecology
Period 6 Planning
Period 7 Bio II:  Anatomy & Physiology

The weekly class schedules are subject to change depending upon student comprehension of presented subject, time constraints, school delays or closings.

Proposed schedule for the week of August 22, 2016

Anatomy & Physiology:  Chapter 1:  Organization of the Body – Objectives: 

1.1 The Human Body – Define anatomy & physiology & explain how they are related.  Describe each level of organization of the body

1.2 Anatomical Terms  –  Learn anatomical terms to describe the relative positions of the body parts, the regions of the body & the planes by which the body can be sectioned.

1.3 Body Cavities & Membranes  –  Know the body cavities & their location, the organs in them and the membranes that line them & adhere to the organs.

1.4 Organ Systems – Know the body organ systems with their various organs & the functions of each system.

1.5 Homeostasis – Understand how negative and positive feedback works with examples and know the role of each body system in regards to homeostasis


Online text book access:


Do 1.2 PP with student notes

1.2 vocab (20) brace map – due Thurs, 8/25

1.1 vocab (11) brace map – due today


Discuss Content Checkup ?s p5

Directional terms tree map – due today


Coloring Workbook (CW) body parts ws – due today

Overview of human body regions ws – due Thur, 8/25


Coloring Workbook (CW) body parts ws - review

Overview of human body regions ws – review, students turn in

1.2 vocab (20) – due today


Practice directional terms

1.3 PP with student notes


Ecology:  Chapter 1:  Science & the Environment – Objectives:

Sec 1 Understanding Our Environment – Understand what environmental science includes. Describe the major environmental effects of hunter-gatherers, the agricultural revolution & the Industrial Revolution. Know the difference between renewable & nonrenewable resources.

Sec 2 The Environment & Society  – Describe “The Tragedy of the Commons”.  Explain the law of supply & demand. Know the differences between developed & developing countries. Understand what sustainability is.


Online text book access:



Ch 1 Sec 1 PP with student notes

Sec 1 quiz on Wed, 8/24


Sec 1 Active Reading ws – review

Start reviewing Ch 1 Sec 1 in text for quiz on Wed


Finish reviewing Ch 1 Sec 1 in text

Sec 1 quiz – go over

Students start Sec 2 notes – front page due Thurs, 8/25


Students finish Sec 2 notes

Start Sec 2 PP with student notes


Finish Sec 2 PP with student notes

Sec 2 Active Reading ws

Sec 2 quiz on Mon, 8/29


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